Subtitle Processor

Subtitle Processor

Edit, repair and translate video subtitles


  • You can edit subtitles in many ways
  • Embedded multimedia player
  • Embedded translation tool


  • May be a bit complicated for novice users

Very good

They say the best way to watch a movie is in its original version. The problem comes when you don't understand the original language and that makes it a bit harder.

Well, this is why subtitles were invented for, and subtitle editors too, like Subtitle Processor.

Subtitle Processor is probably one of the most complete subtitle editors you can find nowadays.

Not only does Subtitle Processor enable you to edit subtitles by cutting and joining sentences, correcting typos, removing extra spaces and other tools, but also helps you synchronize the text and the video image with great precision thanks to its embedded player.

Besides edition, Subtitle Processor includes an interesting extra tool with which you can easily translate subtitles from one language to another, in a double-paneled interface that allows you to have both the source and target languages always at sight.

While being a blessing for all original version cinema lovers thanks to its excellent array of subtitle edition tooks, Subtitle Processor may feel a bit too complicated for the novice user.

Subtitle editor for editing, repairing and translating subtitles for movies. Contains integrated movie and DVD player for easy synchronization of subtitles with the movie.

Subtitle Processor


Subtitle Processor

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